Website maintenance and repairs

Wordpress o Joomla, but with added security

Good website maintenance will prevent security problems. Don't run the risk of losing your
or your customers' data!

Why is maintenance needed for a website?


The website needs to be up-to-date with the latest versions and technologies.

Perfect design

Your website will always
look great, like it did
on the first day.

We prevent attacks

We can protect your website from data theft, cryptocurrency mining and spamming.


The loading speed will be the best possible to adapt to the latest server technology.


Good positioning in search engines is helped by fast loading and good website layout.

Back up copies

Any loss of data can be recovered
by using weekly, daily or hourly backups.

The maintenance you need

No more, no less
Every website has different needs, so we will examine the situation of your site and the updates available that it may need before recommending the type that best suits your profile and the things we need to do to ensure your website is always immaculate.

Package of hours

Different number of hours that are consumed
as we carry out maintenance tasks. If there are
changes in the content or layout, this will also
consume the package acquired,
which could be 5, 10, 15, etc.

Monthly fee

The jobs required will be specified in the service contract and, should any extra work be required beyond those in the contract, they can be billed separately or as a package of hours. This system allows you to forget about maintenance for a long time and not be limited by the hours package you have acquired.
Don't fret about website security.
Call us and we'll help you out!