Website development

SEO positioning and versatility

A website design for each project

We create websites with you in mind. We gather materials from open source CMS such as Wordpress and Joomla, to make any kind of plaform you need into a reality:
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Online stores

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Company websites

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Online catalogues

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Microsites and
Landing pages

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Would you like to know more?

With your help, we can structure your website from scratch, based on the demands of your project and to meet the challenges you have set. Our website design will deliver what you need to achieve your goals: to sell your product, attract contacts through different forms, book visits, etc. Always with your target in our sights and creating a user-friendly resource for your users.
With intuitive management to make things easier for you!

Your website defines your business as the expression of your brand, which is why it must be made-to-measure and do what you want it to, showing your customers what they need to see.


We know the importance of the mobile, and how it is taking the lead in web searches, which is why we believe in the Mobile First algorithm. So, first we think in a mobile website, and then we adapt it to larger screens.
This is how we make intuitive, fast-loading and lightweight websites.
They are ideal for the small devices that are such a big part of our lives today.

Optimization for good SEO positioning

Website loading speeds and legibility for web crawlers are very important factors. This is highly technical work that is directly linked with the website programming and coding that SEO managers do not normally do.

How do we optimize them?

We often hear that SEO requires careful choice of key words and use of titles (h1, h2, etc.), alt tags on images, descriptions, anchor links, density of key words and a raft of technicisms that do matter, but which are not the only factors that affect SEO.

We design every page of ours to load as quickly as possible, without ever sacrificing our strengths: usability, effect, design, etc.
We have to find the perfect balance!

At Intuix we ensure that every detail is optimized to achieve the highest possible score in Google analysis while always following the guidelines set by Internet browsers.
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