Terrassa FC

The project

The football club of the city of Terrassa decided to change its corporate image and wanted to accompany this with a new website to reflect the changes.

The most important aspect was to highlight the club's players, not only from the first team but from the lower levels and junior categories, to show the club's integration and the importance of all those who form part of it.

Design and creativity

Icònica Gràfica Creativa created the new design of the club's emblems and its website, bringing the players to the fore and giving it a thoroughly modern look. The design is totally responsive, displaying the same content and adapting it to suit any device.
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The result

  • We made a self-managed website where it is easy to find any information about the club and its teams, their results and position in the leagues.
  • We included a special module to automatically show the results of each match played.
  • We arranged a section for news that contained four specific blocks to separate the items by subject.
  • We used the design by Icònica to create the file for each of the players in the first team of Terrassa FC.
Mesa de trabajo 2 Gira el mòbil per veure el vídeo

"In terms of visuals and organization, it is without doubt the best website in the category, and as good as many of the top-ranking clubs. Intuix has shown that it has the capacity to adapt to any needs that have arisen in record time and with incredible effectiveness."
Juanma Medina
Press Officer for Terrassa FC

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