I public tender fair BCN

The project

Barcelona city council needed a website specifically for its tender fair that could provide users with information about the event and included a daily schedule and information about the speakers appearing. It also had to show the full programme with the activities for each day. As a complement to this, we were asked to enable users to download the contracts in PDF and to make appointments at the stands to submit proposals or request information. The agendas for the stands had to be limited in hours and contracts.

We also had to satisfy the Mobile First premise, which consists of ensuring that the design can be displayed perfectly on all types of device. Finally, we had to include a space for photos and videos of the event as a record of how it went.

Design and creativity

The design of Petit Comitè took the idea of the 'clip' to create an iconography linked to the concepts behind the event. With its striking colours and large font text, it achieves a modern look that is both simple and easy to interpret.
Mesa de trabajo 2 Gira el mòbil per veure el vídeo

The result

  • We developed a web page for this type of event with CMS Wordpress.
  • We included a multi-language option (Catalan, Spanish and English).
  • We made a personalised plugin to manage the stands' agendas: booked hours using web forms and limited in terms of contracts.
  • We added a system for handling and downloading over 200 PDF documents associated with each stand and language.
  • We inserted a media library with a gallery of photos and videos to display after the event.
  • We built the web to include the accessibility standards set out in Barcelona council's guide.

“Intuix brought technology solutions to the demands of the project for issues such as the filters for bookings and other functions that were not in the initial briefing, like solving issues outside their scope of web programming and layout, such as integration with external servers.

It was very rewarding to work with Intuix. They meet the deadlines without unexplained delays, they solve problems and complications quickly, decisively and efficiently. On top of that, they are open, friendly and understanding, taking the customer's side to work sustainable and efficiently."

Yolanda Martín
Project leader for Petit Comitè

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