Fundació IRES

The project

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Fundació Ires wanted to have a website at the height of its brand and its trajectory. To summarize, a website to represent the institution, its objectives and its values with a new language on the Internet, adapted to the current standards for web pages: modern and fluid.

Design and creativity

Petit Comitè's design is characterized by perfectionism: each page accurately represents the desired message, taking care of every last detail.

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The result

  • We came up with a CMS Wordpress website with a 100% personalised design with the multi-language option.
  • We included an editor with a builder for self-management.
  • We programed a donation assistant with a tax relief calculator and exclusive fields for companies or individuals.
  • We included the payment gateway.
  • We synchronized the website with an ERP of their own.
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"Intuix s'ha convertit en un partner indispensable per al nostre estudi. Hem pogut desenvolupar diversos projectes amb ells i el seu compromís ha sigut total des del primer dia. Un compromís global en buscar la millor solució pel projecte i en cadascun dels detalls, per poder oferir la millor experiència a l'usuari. Però sobretot, el compromís humà per treballar en equip i assolir el repte més important: la satisfacció del nostre client."
Marc Andrés i Llibre
Fundador i creatiu d'Icònica

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