Fundació IRES

The project

To celebrate their 50th anniversary, Fundació Ires wanted to have a website at the height of its brand and its trajectory. To summarize, a website to represent the institution, its objectives and its values with a new language on the Internet, adapted to the current standards for web pages: modern and fluid.

Design and creativity

Petit Comitè's design is characterized by perfectionism: each page accurately represents the desired message, taking care of every last detail.

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The result

  • We came up with a CMS Wordpress website with a 100% personalised design with the multi-language option.
  • We included an editor with a builder for self-management.
  • We programed a donation assistant with a tax relief calculator and exclusive fields for companies or individuals.
  • We included the payment gateway.
  • We synchronized the website with an ERP of their own.
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"Intuix has been able to fulfill all our needs in the process of developing our corporate website, adapting to the level of specificity required by our project and taking on the challenge of accommodating a complex structure in an attractive and innovative design. His specialization and professionalism is noted, always giving a good alternative in those cases in which it has been necessary to make a different proposal from the one initially expected. It also highlights its agility in answering and its ability to instruct on the uses and more technical aspects of the projects."
Patricia Porteros
Head of the Communication Area of the Fundació IRES

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