The project

The online sports competition, eFootball.Pro, the product of the F.C. Barcelona player Gerard Piqué's company, Em Rights, needed an official website where it could host the league. The site also had to show news bulletins categorised by type. As regards the game itself, each match needed a pre-match page, a live page and a post-match page. These matches also had to be grouped together in a programmed season.

At the same time, the match results and league table had to be permanently visible. Finally, the site had to show the profiles of the players and the team statistics on individual pages.

Web creativity and design

The Em Rights company, especially its UI/UX designer Roger Bacardit took charge of the website design, in both the computer and mobile versions.

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The result

  • We came up with a CMS Joomla website with a 100% personalised design.
  • It was totally responsive and multi-platform.
  • We programmed a personalised plugin to update the information from the different matches in real time.
  • We included an editor with a builder for self-management.
  • We made tags to show news items related with each section on the page.
  • We linked it to a short automatic URL to share posts.
  • We made a league table that ordered itself automatically.
  • We added personalised widgets to the side bars with league information: calendar and league positions, and news for social media.
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