Catserveis SXXI

The project

Catserveis is a marketing company that offers outsourcing for business processes using its own customer-centred approach. They told us that they needed to remake their website to adapt it to new times and new forms of communication on the Internet, to stay up-to-date and even go a stage further.

We made them a fully responsive corporate web page using the design by Icònica Gràfica Creativa, which updated the image of the brand, even in details such as the icons used.

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The result

  • We programmed a fully self-managed website with Joomla, using optimised code to ensure it loads quickly and achieves better positioning.
  • The management panel uses a visual compiler to ensure that it will be easy for them to make changes.
  • We created a personalised contact form and another special form for submitting CVs.

The extranet

  • We also redesigned an extranet to work alongside the website, so that the company's customers can exchange files and have access to their invoices.
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